2019 Dirigo Summit Session Working Titles

Wednesday Breakout Sessions: First Timeslot

Momentum Year: Credit accumulation, gateway course completion, and crucial first-year benchmarks

Proactive Advising: Using purpose first and academic maps to keep students on track

A Better Deal for Returning Adults: A layered approach to student success strategies

Wednesday Breakout Sessions: Second Timeslot

Think 30/15 to Finish

Math Pathways & Corequisite Support

Guided Pathways

Academic Maps with Proactive Advising

Purpose First

Thursday Breakout Sessions: First Timeslot

Good Guidance: A Panel Discussion of High School Guidance Counselors

A Holistic Approach to Online Education

From Empathy to Action: A Crash Course in Design Thinking

Engaging Students in the Learning Environment

Using Labor Market Information to Support Decision-making: The Why and How

Thursday Breakout Sessions: Second Timeslot

Student Panel: Attending College as an Adult

What is MaineSpark and What Does It Have to Do with the Maine Community College System?

Pulling Tricks Out of Your Hattie

Supporting Students in Recovery

Raising Math Completion Rates: Math Pathways

Creating an Inclusive and Welcoming Learning Environment

Thursday Breakout Sessions: Third Timeslot

Strengthening the Student Safety Net

Using a Charrette to Improve Assignment Design

Developing a Successful Student Advising Resource

Digital Badges: An Innovation in Education


Reducing Remediation in College-level Math Using Corequisites