Below is a list of upcoming events this month for Anthology Academy. These sessions are designed to enhance and compliment your Anthology Academy training.


To sign up for one or more of these upcoming events, log into Anthology Academy and navigate to the Upcoming Events page from the left side of your screen. Then, click your desired event and click the Register Here button.


September 2023
6: Student: All - Are you wondering how to get the most out of your reports? Let's look at some Report Basics 
7: All Products: Higher Ed Finance 101 - Understanding Your Budget, Revenue
7: Andragogy: A Practical Application
11: Student: Do you need to pull data quickly? Are you aware Views can help? Attend this session for an introduction the Views.
13: Reach: Building Application Templates with DocumentsCorePack
13: Encompass: Events Fundamentals
14: Anthology 101: General - Navigating the Academy Made Simple: What You Need to Know
18: Optimizing Student Learning: Exploring the American Association of Higher Education Principles
20: Student: Are You Looking For a Process that will Add Documents for a Student?
20: Encompass: Content Management Fundamentals
21: All Products: Higher Ed Finance 101 - Understanding Your Budget Model
26: Student: Navigating the Portal and utilizing common functionality
28: Reach: Ask Anthology: Managing Applications in Reach