Welcome to the SIS Modernization and Enhancement information hub. This page will host documents and materials related to the SIS Modernization and Enhancement project launched in June 2021.

If you have any questions or feedback for the project team, you can email them at SISproject@mccs.me.edu. Check back here for updates and to track the latest activity. Watch your email for information about in-person meetings or Town Halls.

President Daigler provided an overview of the project and the team leaders, in this June 24 email.

For more info, see the SIS Project FAQ.

Full Student Information System RFP

MCCS RFP Requirement Tracking

MCCS SIS Modernization — Informational Meeting

MCCS SIS RFP Vendor Questions and Answers

MCCS SIS RFP Vendor Kick-Off Meeting

Vendor Demos and Q&A Recordings

To request access to any of these recordings, please contact Deb Schuler at dschuler@deer-brook.com.


  • General
  • Financial Aid
  • IT


  • General
  • Financial Aid
  • Hands-On Sessions – AM
  • Hands-On Sessions – PM
  • Workforce Development / Guided Pathways
  • Workforce Development/Guided Pathways Follow up
  • IT


  • General
  • Financial Aid
  • Financial Aid Follow up
  • Anthology Academy Overview
  • Hands-On Sessions – AM
  • Hands-On Sessions – PM
  • IT
  • Finance
  • Workforce Development / Guided Pathways
  • Workforce Development Follow up
  • Clarification Deployment Model
  • Anthology Follow-On Questions v2
  • Anthology Engagement and Advancement Roadmap
  • Anthology Student Fin HCM Pay Spring 2022
  • Lumens
  • HRIS
  • Ready Education Mobile App
  • Lumens Follow Up
  • Course Eval Module
  • Event Management Module
  • Micro Badging Module
  • Student Verification Module

Vendor Reference Calls


  • Post University
  • Greenville Technical College
  • Riverside Community College District
  • Virginia Community College System - Lumens/Modern Campus




  • Alabama Community College System
  • Colorado Community College System
  • Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology 

Listening Session Survey